Domain Certificate required to apply for a ICP License in China

To have your website hosted in China you need an ICP license. ICP licenses are only given to domains registered in China Mainland. We register our domains in China and The CNNIC certificate is proof that your domain is registered in China.

The procedure to get this license - a website hosted outside China is visible in China - is for customers that absolute require to have their webside on a server in China.

A website not hosted on a Chinese server is generally slower and encounter other small problems once in a while.

As of January 2009, CNNIC only opened the registration of CN domains to registered businesses only and required supporting documentation for every domain registration, documentation such as business license and personal ID, and even suspended overseas registrars this even for domestic registrants. CNNIC denies that it mandated existing personal domain names to be transferred to businesses.

We found a solution to all this by letting our Chinese agent set up a proxy address that was/is accepted by CNNIC.

Because of this structure we are able to use this solution in the registration process of Chinese domain names. Because of the complicated structure from that date on we stopped the transfer "IN" of Chinese domains.

You can read more about the ICP license → HERE ←

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